Monday, February 1, 2016

Round Nine

I was re-watching some Marvel Studios movies this week and was enjoying seeing Stan Lee making his cameos in every movie.  I thought back to Alfred Hitchcock who started the whole conspicuous cameo thing and decided on the two names for this round of The Hollywood Connection.

Round Nine:

Alfred Hitchcock

Stan Lee

Step One:

Alfred Hitchcock is in...

North by Northwest with...

Martin Landau.

Step Two:

Martin Landau is in...

Rounders with...

Edward Norton.

Step Three:

Edward Norton is in...

(my least favorite version of) The Incredible Hulk with...

Stan Lee.

Amazingly, we went from Alfred Hitchcock to Stan Lee in only three steps.  I had considered using M. Night Shyamalan instead of Alfred Hitchcock because he is also big on the whole conspicuous cameo thing.  Then I remembered that M. Night Shyamalan is in Unbreakable with Samuel L. Jackson who is in The Avengers with Stan Lee.  That would have connected them in just one step.  That's no fun.

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